Our general cleaning instructions can be found below, but we know you may have special concerns related to COVID-19 as practices and games restart.  Please see these special instructions for proper cleaning and sanitation and, as always, feel free to contact our great customer service team with any additional questions:

As we start to return to the athletic fields we want to ensure the health and safety of participants and fans.  Proper hygiene is an important tool to fight the spread of Covid19.  Per the guidance set forth by the CDC, it’s important to thoroughly clean and launder materials that can come in to contact with multiple people.  To quote the CDC, “Normal routine cleaning with soap and water will decrease how much of the virus is on surfaces and objects, which reduces the risk of exposure.”  The CDC recommends soap and water before chemical disinfectants. 

All-Star products can be cleaned very easily.

  • Chest protectors – machine wash^^ using mild detergent, cold water, on a gentle cycle, and then air dry.
    • ^^ Note: Any removable parts with the "hook" side of velcro attachments (such as shoulder caps and removable tails) should not be placed in the washer as they will catch on the chest protector fabric and other items and potentially cause damage to those fabrics.  Hand wash these items.
  • Leg guards – rinse with warm water and soap, and then air dry.
  • Helmets (batting and catching)
    • Padding - removeable liner systems can be machine washed just like chest protectors.  Permanent foam liners can be sprayed with a disinfectant following the proper instructions.
    • Shell and metal cages - Wipe down soap and warm water and air dry.

Please note that some household chemicals and cleaners can negatively affect the integrity of plastics, including those with superior impact properties as in our helmet shells.  It is impossible to test the compatibility of all disinfectants on the market.  Once again, the CDC recommends soap and water as an effective method of cleaning materials and surfaces. 


We know you play hard and it shows on your gear.  Here's how to keep everything looking great for the whole season:

Chest Protectors

Spot clean with a wet rag and mild soap as needed.  For full cleaning, remove harness and wash in washing machine on gentle cycle, cold water, using only a small amount of mild detergent and air dry.  Never use any type of stain remover or bleach as it can damage the foam and void your warranty.

Helmets (batting and catching) 

Wipe down shell and/or cage with a wet rag and air dry completely before storing.  Use of ANY cleaners or polish on your helmet can damage it and will void your warranty.

Leg Guards

Clean leg guards by rinsing with warm water only. Never apply solvents, strong cleaning agents, or any petroleum based cleaners or polishes to plastic shell. The use of these products will void your warranty and may damage this leg guard.

Removable padding

Hand or machine wash as needed with cold water and a small amount of mild detergent.  Air dry completely before replacing.

Gloves and Mitts

Always store gloves and mitts in a warm, dry place and avoid extremes in temperature. If glove becomes wet from use in the rain, allow to dry thoroughly. Wipe off any excess dirt with a damp rag.