1. Do you offer international shipping?
No, not this point in time.

2. What shipping company do you use?

3. How long until you ship after getting the order?
Within 24 hours of receiving payment in full

4. Cut off time to get order in?(i.e. to ship same day)
Generally 12pm. If order is received after 12pm, the product will be shipped the next business day.

5. Any extra fees involved?

6. Do you provide tracking number?
Yes. When the order is being processed and packaged for shipping customer will receive date shipped and tracking number to track via the applicable shipping agency.

7. What happens if there is a delivery delay?
On the rare occasion that an order is delayed prior to shipping, we will notify the customer about the delay. However, if the order has been shipped and is delayed or late for any reason, contact the shipper (USPS or UPS). Once it's been shipped, any delay is out of our hands.

8. What do I do if it's damaged or the wrong item?
Contact 2nd Hand Sports LLC either via or by 480-254-1567.  We will confirm if the item is damaged or the incorrect item was shipped.  If the item is damaged, 2nd Hand Sports LLC will cover the cost of returning the product to 2nd Hand Sports and either (1) issue a full refund; (2) issue a partial refund; or (3) exchange the damaged product with the same or similar undamaged product.  If the item received is the wrong item, 2nd Hand Sports LLC will cover the cost to have the item returned and ship out the correct item as soon as we possibly can to the customer, usually same business day or the next business day.   If 2nd Hand Sports LLC does not have the correct product that the customer was expecting.  A full refund will be issued to the customer, including any costs incurred to return the incorrect product to 2nd Hand Sports LLC.

9. Do you offer insurance?
Not at this time.  Please contact 2nd Hand Sports LLC via either or 480-254-1567 to notify customer service of the situation.  After determining if the package is delayed or lost, 2nd Hand Sports LLC will work with the customer to rectify the situation and provide the customer the product that they ordered to the best of our ability.



1. Do you offer refunds?

2. Is that a full refund or for exchange for another one, similar or not?
Yes, if customer is not satisfied with the product, we will either issue a full refund upon receipt of the purchased item returned to 2nd Hand Sports LLC, or issue and exchange that is agreed upon by the customer and 2nd Hand Sports LLC. 

3. How long do i have to return for refund or exchange?
30 days

4. Should I keep the receipt for refunds and returns?
Yes.  The customer should keep the receipt or invoice for their records and provide a copy of the receipt/invoice for a refund or an exchange to make process more efficient.