FM4000 Facemask - LUC Padding

Color: Black
Sale price$129.95


The FM4000’s design is inspired by the MVP2500 & MVP4000 cages, which are known for offering great vision and deflective properties. The curved forehead bar allows more padding to come into contact with the catcher’s skull cap... making the mask more stable on a catcher’s head, helping absorb more impact. Built with a lightweight hollow steel, this mask weighs in at just 17 ounces.
  • Lightweight hollow steel cage
  • Aerodynamic cage designed to deflect impact
  • Curved forehead profile for maximum stability
  • Moisture wicking, washable synthetic fabric pads
  • DeltaFlex™ harness for secure fit
  • Tested to professional levels of play

Before purchasing, please check with with your coach or league to see if this style mask can be worn. Across all brands, traditional facemasks do NOT meet NOCSAE standards.

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