No Errors Dinger II Baseball Equipment Bag (Slightly Used)


Color: Black
Precio de venta$197.99


 Used Dinger II bags!  

Regular retail price is currently $259.99

Ordinary baseball bags give you room for your bats and one or two other items, but that's about it. What are you supposed to do with the rest of your alloy and composite baseball equipment? The No Errors Dinger Baseball Bat Bag has the solution! We give you far more storage than conventional baseball bags, so you can finally carry everything without having to lug multiple gear bags with you. Think of it as a baseball bat purse Louisville Slugger.

Simplify travel to and from the field with the best of the baseball Dinger bats bags on the market today! With a removable panel and ventilated bottom cleat compartment - baseball storage is easier than ever - especially with large easy access and ventilated compartments. From its shoe compartment to areas for baseball or softball bats, this is one amazing baseball softball bag or bat purse.

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